The Irish Embassy Pub officially opened to a packed house July 17, 2008. The pub arose out of an unlikely partnership between a local Durangoan, Mick Ward, and an Irishman, Jim Shannon.

Irish Embassy managementMick was traveling Europe in the late 70s when he saw an advertisement for the Lisdoonvarna Music Festival. Intrigued, he altered his plans and headed over to Ireland to catch in on the fun. There he ran into Jim, who was head of the festival. The two became great friends and spent many years visiting and traveling. Mick & his wife Linda own The Nobody’s Inn, and when the building next door became vacant, Mick contacted Jim about transforming it into an Irish pub. Jim loved the idea, and along with Jerry Hembury and Michael Graham, they started making plans for their pub.

They wanted everything to be authentic, down to the trim on the walls, so they hired Award Winning Irish Pub Designer Angela Murphy to give them some input. She visited for a week then returned to Ireland and started compiling her ideas. The entire renovation cost a million dollars and took 10 months to complete. The furniture, pictures on the wall, wood trim, dishes, silverware, glasses - even some of the servers were shipped in from Ireland to complete the transformation.

The Irish Embassy Pub is a huge supporter of local events in Durango, and is very involved in the community. Shortly after the opening of the pub, Mick passed away while hiking. The Embassy received a huge outpouring of support from the community, and made a note of it to always try to give back. Participating in locally sponsored events, and having regular fundraising events at the pub, they firmly believe in helping their community grow.